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Portion creates digital certificates of authenticity and proof of purchase for high value goods. As a manufacturer, receive perpetuity as the good is bought, sold, or retned on our secondary marketplace. Transparency into ownership, provenance, and market value using the Ethereum Blockchain.

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How it Works


Customers access their immutable digital certificates of authenticity through mobile and web interfaces.



Goods are tracked along the route from manufacturer to customers to future owners. Ensure authenticity indefinitely.


Manufacturers receive their own digital storefront, creating an additional sales vehicle and means to reach relevant customers.

Fraud Reduction

Our digital COAs function as an impossible to forge receipt mitigating the $16 Billion lost to return fraud in the USA. Portion's decentralized identity functionality verify users while digital COAs verify goods.

Secondary Marketplace

Coming in 2018, the world's first certifiably authentic P2P marketplace. Manufacturers maintain their brand image and receive perpetuities as goods are transferred.